Ever Peep Deserves a Meep!

About Us

What is Meep?


 Meep is a fictitious word that can express any emotions, noun, verb or adjective and is simply fun to say. Every day deserves a little meep.​ 

The Mazzier Boys

All profits goes to The Mobile Care Foundation in Chicago, which supplies low income children who suffer from asthma and allergies with treatment and medication at their schools daily.​     

Chase suffers from asthma and his younger brother Julian is allergic to tree nuts and both have been fortunate to get treatment under the care of Dr. Paul Detjen, who created Mobile Care with co-founders, Dr. Philip Sheridan Jr. and the late Dr. Philip Sheridan Sr. Both boys are now able to play travel soccer and music and lead happy active lives. This is how we are giving back, one meep at a time.